Hi, I am Sally

I am your Security Ally


Sally uses intelligence methodology to bring light to digital security’s blind spots:
supply chain and social engineerings attacks


And the most important thing:
Sally makes it easy, fast, and in real time


Doesn’t it sound good?

About Sally


Sally is your Security Ally for you and your business. A
new and unique way of providing Digital Security.


Digital Transformation in Companies and Human
-Factor have expanded the Digital attack Surface and
made companies more vulnerable.


Sally works outside your security perimeter,
analyzing your digital exposure, your blind spots and detecting the attackers
before they reach you,mitigating the risks.


We collaborate with IT Security Departments so that
they can focus on those tasks where they are indispensable.

about us sally

Our Process


We apply Digital Intelligence to the same Information Security Process

table vertical

We tell you what your Company’s Digital Risk
Exposure looks like outside your Perimeter.
All the open doors and windows of your
building that you can’t see from your perspective

risk binocles

We help you to reduce

your Digital Risk Profile


We introduce Digital & Cyber Risks

Management in the daily operative



We monitor it 24 hours, 7 days a week

We got your digital back


We have the methodology

We have the tools We have the data We have the people


And all in one platform

(bad guys would love what we have)

Our Style

We want to promote a safer digital
world for everyone
big, medium
and small businesses, individuals and families.

We want to enable digitalization
safely and simply
by gathering
the best tools in one place. We

want to add value to your company.

We want to approach security
positively, with accessible language,
making it easy and human.

sally cyber easy

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116 46 Stockholm, Sweden

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